The Fat Jack's Way

We’re a locally sourced, gourmet burger restaurant with a passion for creating dishes that make you feel good and are good for you.

Keeping It Real with Gourmet Burgers

Honest quality makes killer food. We live by this every day; There’s no substitute for our 100% natural beef and organic local ingredients. Our local Utah artisans are the first step in creating everything from our cheeses, to our buns, to our beautiful beers. This is what it takes to produce Fat Jack’s high quality, gourmet burgers.

Creating Experiences

One plate, one glass, one gourmet burger at a time. We’re in the business of creating memories that you’ll never forget. Join us at our downtown location to see our commitment to providing attentive, friendly service, or let us cater your next event for an experience your guests will never forget.

Prime Cuts

Fat Jack’s is a locally sourced restaurant in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. We make it our mission to keep a close eye on every single ingredient that finds its way onto our menu to ensure you get the freshest ingredients possible.

All of our beef is antibiotic and hormone free in addition to being naturally and humanely raised.

Our first point of all sourcing is from our wonderful local vendors, growers and artisan producers right here in Utah.